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15th Apr 2013

CountyConnect Fares Review

Fares Review: 22nd April 2013

Rising costs are affecting us like all bus operators. We have not had a fares review since shortly after we inaugurated the service in September 2011 (where fares generally dropped). We have always tried to make CountyConnect as affordable and competitive as possible and done our best to keep these rises as low as possible.

Single and Return Fares will rise by approximately 5%, with most fares on shorter hops rising by 10p, and where current prices are around £4, by about 20p. Where possible we have rounded to the nearest 10p to avoid struggling for small change.

Clippercards for adults will rise from £29.50 to £30.50, for students 16-19 who can prove they are in full-time education or training from £25.00 to £26.00, and for under 16s from £19.20 to £20.50. These give 12 single journeys of any length, which you can use over a calendar year. For daily commuters and students they are great value, but equally useful if you travel less often as they don’t run out like a bus pass.

Our Group fares, allowing up to FIVE to travel together, for just less than the price of the equivalent of two singles or returns,  are astonishing value, for families, clubs, or just friends going out together.

Call the Booking Centre on 0845 456 4474 or e-mail  if you have a query about a specific fare price.


We appreciate your custom and your understanding.


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